Our Objectives

The objective of Vititec, whose activities started as far back as 1963, is to supply the best available viticulturally and oenologically selected clonal material, free from known harmful viruses and virus-like diseases. In this respect Vititec’s laboratories and greenhouses at Picardi in Paarl offer state-of-the art facilities to enable their scientists and researchers in collaboration with leading international institutions to stay abreast of new developments within the field. Vititec plant material is in great demand nationally and the plant improvement section has evolved into a profitable commercial business.

In terms of the Plant Improvement Law, the Vine Improvement Association (VIA) is the delegated authority which co-ordinates vine improvement in South Africa and administers the “SA Plant Certification Scheme for Vitis”. As a member of the VIA, the clones developed by Vititec are registered at the VIA and the plant material thereof are issued as “SA Certified” from approved sources.


Vititec is owned by Vinpro NPC.  Vinpro is a non-profit company which represents 2 600 South African wine producers, cellars and industry stakeholders. The organisation liaises closely with Government and industry role players on issues that have an impact on the profitability and sustainability of its members and the industry as a whole. It keeps its members and the broader industry informed of industry trends and technical expertise and renders specialised services ranging from soil science to viticulture, agricultural economics and transformation and development.